The Concept behind Seeds of Hope Boxes:     

Admission to any type of crisis facility can be a frightening and impersonal experience. When individuals are fighting to hold on to their sanity, they now find themselves alienated from everything they know and lacking the most basic amenities of home. Imagine receiving a “box of hope” at this most vulnerable time!

What We Do:     

Distribute our boxes, filled with quality self-care items and

hope-building resources, to mental health crisis facilities.  Our boxes include:

* Pair of cozy socks

* Toothbrush and toothpaste

* Shower Gel or soap

* Hair brush

* Deodorant

* Shampoo and conditioner

* Non-spiral-bound journal

* Activity book or coloring book and crayons

* Card of hope

* Letter of encouragement with
   ideas on how to build hope

* Package of sunflower seeds

* “Tactile toys” for stress reduction

* Chap stick

* Small stuffed animal

How We Are Funded:

We rely on monetary, as well as product donations.

(All donated items must be new, sealed or have tags on them.)

***Because of facility restrictions, all items must meet safety requirements.

Benefit to the Community:

*  Instill dignity and generate hope in our population of individuals in crisis                facilities

*  Relieve the financial burden on their families and loved ones

*  Provide comfort to those without family or close friends

*  Plant seeds of hope for the greater well-being of the entire community

*  Contribute to the recovery movement in a tangible and memorable way                  through a show of community support and compassion














Ways to Donate:

Click Donate button on website 

Send a check to:


Tend to Hope

234 Central Avenue

Hatboro, PA  19040



Arrange for product donations:

Call: 215-208-6105




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