Our Mission


Tend to Hope is dedicated to ministering to the population of individuals admitted each year to mental health crisis facilities.

Our "Seeds of Hope Bags" are filled with quality self-care items and hope-building resources.

The objective is for individuals to feel cared for, worthy of a good life, and knowledgeable in ways
to nurture hope and engage in the process of recovery.







A WORD ABOUT "Tend to Hope"

"Tend to Hope” refers to the crucial importance of nurturing hope, particularly in times of crisis, and is a reminder that hope thrives on our capacity to tend to it. 


We want to sprinkle a few seeds of hope early in the recovery process so that individuals can eventually tend their own gardens of mental health. 


Finally, we want to call attention to the ability we all have to choose hope over despair

-- in other words, to always tend to hope!


pair of cozy socks

toothbrush and toothpaste

chap stick


non-spiral journal

"tactile toy" (for stress reduction)

small stuffed animal

specially designed card of hope

letter of encouragement with suggestions on how to build hope

packet of sunflower seeds (for the future, to plant as a symbol of growth)

Items in Our Bag Include: